Get your 35mm slides on a DVD that you can watch on your DVD player!

Do you remember getting everyone got together to watch slides? You still have the slides but don't have the projector and the screen and longer. We have a solution! A DVD slide show that will play in your home player!

Slides that your can have printed!

Do you want to print some of your slides? Chicago Star Productions, Inc. can provide you with a data DVD with your slides that can be printed at home or at your local photo store. Once the slides and negatives are in digital form the possibilities are endless:

  • Make prints
  • Show the pictures on your TV
  • Watch the pictures on your computer
  • E-mail pictures to family & friends
  • Post the pictures to your website, blog or facebook
  • Save them forever

What's even better is that you will have access to your memories at any time without needing a projector!


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