Looking for a high quality and dependable company these are my choices.

Looking for a high quality and dependable company these are my choices.

Looking for a high quality and dependable company these are my choices.

Looking for a high quality and dependable company these are my choices.

Looking for a high quality and dependable company these are my choices.

Looking for a high quality and dependable company these are my choices.

Looking for a high quality and dependable company these are my choices.

Let Chicago Star Productions handle the video for better results and fewer distractions...

We have been videotaping cheerleading events since 2000. We plan, set up sales structure, shoot and edit cheerleading, color guard competitions, or other school events. We finish the event in a custom packaged DVD or HD files which we can distribute for you.

Option 1
Most of our performance videotaping is done ‘on speck’ meaning you do not pay us for production costs. We come out and do the job free! However, we do request a minimum amount of DVD’s purchased. Usually we need a minimum of 20 DVDs to book your recital. Our DVD’s are chaptered so you can go to each dance quickly.

Option 2
You pay us a flat rate for a predetermined amount of DVD’s. You can then sell them at whatever price you choose. Or you can take the DVD master elsewhere and duplicate them yourself. It’s up to you.

Another option for financing the DVD production is to include the price of one DVD into your ‘cheer fee’ or ‘costume fee’. This way, every family receives a DVD of the performance. There is a bit more of work on your part, but the price per DVD can drop drastically.

We deliver the DVD’s within 3-4 weeks of your show. We have a great customer service policy – with all the DVD’s guaranteed .

Your performance is important to you and to us. We edit in the title of each cheer routine and cut out the time between each number. We provide the order forms and can provide a sales table on the day of the performance and do all of the collecting of payments. Or, if you like, you can collect all the video orders instead.

Please email us if you’re interested in having your cheerleading event videotaped.

You'll love the sound, too. Our microphones eliminate unwanted background noises. Music comes through clearly. And visually, our videos are a feast for the eyes! 

• It is a special video focusing on the life of the deceased and is often shown at a funeral home or house of worship prior to or during a funeral or memorial service.

• It is created using photos, slides, music, and even video clips and needs to be produced very quickly, usually within 24 hours.

• The formula we refer to is: 30 photos plus 2 songs equals: all the material we need to produce a meaningful Memorial Video.

• A Memorial Video is much more than a slide show – it is a unique way to focus on the life of the deceased.

• Every photo is digitally restored so that old photos become new and faded photos become vibrant.

• Most videos are 4-6 minutes in length and are presented with movement in the photos that is carefully timed to music.

• The video is delivered on a high quality DVD. A photo of the deceased will be displayed until the “Play” button is pushed.


How much does a Memorial Video cost?


• $150.00 for our basic program (up to 30 photos or slides and two songs).

• $4.00 for each additional photo/slide.

• $2.00 per image for adding additional text.

• $25.00 for adding video clips or home movies (contact Star 2 Productions for details).

• Additional DVD copies are: $25.00 each. $20.00 each for five or more. $14.00 each for 10 or more.

$35.00 for CD with restored photos (JPG format – beautiful reprints of photos can easily be made)

NOTE: CD with photos included at no extra charge on orders of 10 or more DVD’s.

How long have you been in business?

A more experienced videographer should do a better job for you. Using an established business means that they are in business for the long-term and probably won't shut down next week.

Are you the one who will be videotaping my wedding?

Make sure you speak to the person who will actually videotape your wedding. Many larger studios use free-lancers, and it is important to speak with the actual videographer ahead of time to make sure you get everything you want and to make sure you are comfortable with the videographer.

How many cameras do you use? Does that mean a second videographer?

If you are having "two cameras", then find out if that means a second videographer or just a camera on a tripod. Having a second videographer is more expensive than just a camera on a tripod (usually kept on wide angle). A second videographer can be well worth the extra cost due to the extra coverage you will get. Be sure to discuss camera placement and any videotaping restrictions ahead of time with your videographer.

What type of cameras do you use?

"3-Chip Digital" is the most recent and highest resolution camera. Digital cameras have 530 lines of resolution or do you use DSLR cameras.

What kind of lighting do you use?

Some videographers use lights on their cameras, others do not. Some videographers will use a stand-alone soft-box light that gives off soft, even lighting. Ambient lighting at the reception hall will also help the photographer's pictures turn out better and the flash or video light won't seem quite so harsh.

How many and what kind of microphones do you use?

Audio quality is just as important as video quality. At the ceremony, have the groom wear a wireless microphone and have another one on the podium for any readers or singers. At the reception, make sure everyone who is giving a toast or blessing is using a microphone; this includes the person who is introducing the bridal party. Be sure to discuss audio placement ahead of time with your videographer.

How do you edit the wedding video?

The latest and newest technology is non-linear editing (on a computer). Ask how many hours your videographer spends on editing since it will make a difference in the final price. It is not unusual for videographers to spend between 30-40 plus hours on the computer editing a wedding. Expect a price difference (and quality difference) between those who edit non-linear and those who don't.

Can I have my wedding on DVD?

DVD is the latest trend in videography. DVD is a much better quality picture than VHS tape because there is no loss of quality when going from a digital master tape to DVD. Some videographers can customize their DVDs with multiple chapter stops/scene selection and a customized case with your wedding picture on it.. Your wedding video can last for generations without any deterioration when archived to DVD. I believe providing the finished production on DVD is a must-have!

How do you stay up-to-date in the video business?

Video technology is an ever-changing field (like the computer field) and professionals need to stay current. A videographer should be a member in local and national associations. Ask the videographer if he/she has ever been to any seminars or conventions. Any videographer belonging to WEVA (Wedding & Event Videography Association) or ABC (Association of Bridal Consultants) is a big plus. 

How can I see samples of your work?

Be sure you are seeing samples of the actual videographer who will be videotaping your wedding. This is especially important when dealing with larger studios that may have several crews that they send out on the weekend. Some videographers will send out demo tapes and others will ask you to schedule an appointment to visit them, others have video clips (called streaming video) on their website where you can view their work while you are on the internet. If possible, try to meet with the videographer before you sign the contract.

What other services or special effects do you offer?

Some examples are childhood/dating photo montage, wedding/honeymoon photo montage, bridal preparations, love story video (the two of you describing how you met, etc.), short-form video, highlight video, recap video, concept video, rehearsal coverage, big screen presentation, etc. This is also a good time to ask the videographer if they use special effects such as black & white, sepia-toned, slow-motion, animation, etc. There are many options to choose from!

What about the contract?

When you decide to hire the videographer, ask to see a copy of the contract. Ask how much of a deposit is required and when the remaining balance is due. Make sure everything you want in your wedding video is spelled out. As it gets closer to your wedding day, the videographer should request a "planning meeting" either over the phone or in person. Ask your videographer if they will attend your rehearsal - some videographers attend, some do not. It should also state when you will get your finished video.

What will you charge to videotape my wedding based on the coverage I am looking for?

If you are on a budget, let the videographer know that upfront. If your budget is flexible, wait to ask about pricing until you have explained to the videographer what you are looking for and after the videographer has talked about skill, equipment and service. A professional videographer with up-to-date digital equipment can start around $2000. A more seasoned professional offering many extras can charge upwards of $5000 and more. These prices are only a guideline, as pricing can vary region to region. It is hard to put a price on talent unless you view their work. Remember, your videographer is creating a family heirloom. Great video is not expensive, it's priceless!

We shoot this with multiple camera's and mixed it together on the spot and broadcast live on tv's and projectors.

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