Film Conversions, 8mm Film, 16mm Film & Super8 Film to DVD

Our film to DVD transfer service allows you to watch your 8mm film, Super8 film and 16mm film on your DVD player! Chicago Star Productions, Inc. can help by converting your old 8mm film, Super8 film and 16mm film to DVD.

The video transfer process will not damage 8mm, 16mm, and super 8 film and you will receive your originals back along with your new DVD. Almost 99% of film can be transferred, regardless of age.

8mm film, Super8 film, 16mm film to dvd transfer

Send us your reels of 8mm, 16mm or super 8 film and we'll send you a DVD that's you can play in your DVD player. You'll never have to worry about setting up a film projector and a home movie screen again! We'll transfer your film using our unique digital film transfer process and after we're finished you'll receive:

  • Your original 8mm, super8, and 16mm film
  • A complete DVD set that you can play in your DVD player


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