What is a Memorial or Tribute Video?

• It is a special video focusing on the life of the deceased and is often shown at a funeral home or house of worship prior to or during a funeral or memorial service.
• It is created using photos, slides, music, and even video clips and needs to be produced very quickly, usually within 24 hours.
• The formula we refer to is: 30 photos plus 2 songs equals: all the material we need to produce a meaningful Memorial Video.
• A Memorial Video is much more than a slide show - it is a unique way to focus on the life of the deceased.
• Every photo is digitally restored so that old photos become new and faded photos become vibrant.
• Most videos are 4-6 minutes in length and are presented with movement in the photos that is carefully timed to music.
• The video is delivered on a high quality DVD. A photo of the deceased will be displayed until the “Play” button is pushed.

How much does a Memorial Video cost?

• $150.00 for our basic program (up to 30 photos or slides and two songs).
• $4.00 for each additional photo/slide.
• $2.00 per image for adding additional text.
• $25.00 for adding video clips or home movies (contact Star 2 Productions for details).
• Additional DVD copies are: $25.00 each. $20.00 each for five or more. $14.00 each for 10 or more.
$35.00 for CD with restored photos (JPG format - beautiful reprints of photos can easily be made)
NOTE: CD with photos included at no extra charge on orders of 10 or more DVD’s.