The cost of college tuition rises significantly every year and scholarships become even harder to achieve. Will your student athlete make the cut?

Chicago Star Productions creates sports scouting videos using Video Scout CD, a nationally standardized program that can reduce or eradicate tuition costs. With the Chicago Star Productions method, an athlete increases the chance of gaining a scholarship by putting their skills directly in front of college recruiters. This is done via a personalized interactive sports scouting CD specially developed for them. The sports scouting video CD includes:

  • Game Footage
  • Game Highlights
  • A Personal Message From the Athlete
  • A Personal Message From the Athlete’s Coach(es)
  • Statistics and Important Academic Information

The above information is invaluable to college recruiters because they are bound by NCAA regulations that limit the amount of interaction they can have with a perspective recruit. Chicago Star Productions discovered what recruiters want to know and packaged it all on one sports scouting video CD. Not only do coaches find the CDs informational, they also find them easy to operate and entertaining at the same time. These are just some of the reasons why coaches receiving Chicago Star Productions CDs are 10 times more likely to contact an athlete about scholarships.

Along with the interactive Chicago Star Productions sports scouting video CD, a personalized website is also created to showcase the athlete. The site displays all current game schedules, game stats, updated academic records, photos, etc. This allows a recruiter to keep up to date with their potential scholarship recipient at all times.

With educational costs constantly on the rise, any help paying for them would be a bonus. Chicago Star Productions sports scouting CD is a comprehensive marketing tool that costs a fraction of a four-year degree. You could gain up to 200 times your return on investment with a one sports scouting video CD!

Belief in a child’s abilities and a small investment can lead to unimaginable outcomes. Chicago Star Productions sports scouting video CD can make the unimaginable a reality.