Powerful promotions
In our hands, your product or service can come alive in dynamic new ways. Video combines sight and sound. Your clients don’t just hear and see your message, they feel it. Take your promotions beyond print with the power of video.

Better instructional and training methods.
In this day and age, most people resist reading wordy manuals. Video makes it easy. Video makes it clear. Customers can understand your instructions more quickly. They’re happier. As a result, you may enjoy more repeat business and less dissatisfied customers.

Award-Winning Videography!
Chicago Star Productions is a full service video production-company. That means we can handle big projects for you that involve script writing, storyboards, and multiple broadcast cameras. It also means that we can handle smaller video projects for companies on a limited budget.

Video is a great promotional tool. Do you market a product or service that would sell well if prospects could see it demonstrated? Then check out the benefits of a Video Brochure Chicago Star Productions can work with your advertising and marketing people to create a sales-boosting Video Brochure.

There's a popular saying in business these days: "Think outside of the box." In other words, don't limit your thinking to doing things the way you've always done them. Video allows you to think outside the box. Imagine all of the uses:

  • Training tapes instead of a training manual.
  • Employee Video instead of an employee manual. A Video Brochure instead of a printed brochure.
  • Promotional Videos
  • Seminars & Conferences
  • Legal Depositions
  • A Video press release instead of a typed press release.
  • A video PowerPoint presentation that could be display in the field by out sales people.
  • A video monitor at your trade show instead of a sign.
  • A video seminar instead of a live seminar. Imagine the money and travel time you'd save!

Chicago Star Productions offers you the power of professionalism

Our video production sparkles with creativity and professionalism. They present your Message with crystal clarity. You will look more professional. You will enjoy higher comprehension of your message and a more excited reaction from a state of the art digital editing studio.