Faces are smiling … and laughing … and crying Hearts are pounding. The room is united. Good feeling abound. This is life at its best. Your photographs have never been more spectacular. Let us take those photographs stuffed in a drawer or old scrapbook some-where. Organize them into a theme and we’ll put them onto video. We’ll add music of your choice and add dynamic effects to dissolves one picture into another … or “swoosh” across the screen. This is more than a slide show. It’s an emotion-packed work of art staring you, your family, and friends

The Perfect Gift

Here are the most popular ways the Photo-Video Montage is used:

  • At Weddings showing how you grew up and times you had together dating
  • Christmas/Holiday gift. Families gather around the holidays. Your family will love to sit down and watch this video together.
  • Valentines Day gift. Plan your photos around a courtship theme. Many newlyweds pull together photos from their first year of marriage and have us create a Photo-Video Montage. They present it to their husbands on Valentines Day. It makes a fun, romantic gift.
  • Mother's Day/Father's Day gift. What parent wouldn't thrill to a gift this special!
  • Anniversaries. The longer a couple has been married, the more impact the Photo-Video Montage has on them and their children. This video becomes an important historical archive for your family as well as a treasured, beloved heirloom.
  • Family Reunions. Every reunion should have their own Photo-Video Montage to make it complete!
  • A Loving Farewell … The loss of loved ones is never easy. More and more families are turning to the Photo-Video Montages as a meaningful way to pay tribute to their loved ones. (They show them at the Wake)

A Video Biography … The perfect way to pay tribute to someone special! A video biography slightly differs from the standard Photo-Video Montage. In addition to still photos and music, we add interviews from family, friends and co-workers sharing stories from the past. You've seen biographies about famous people on television programs. Now they are available to everyone! Great for any occasion!
We will transform your dusty old photos in the attic into a living, breathing masterpiece! This gift is a guaranteed hit!

How to Create a Photo Montage

  1. Gather up your photographs. Organize them around a theme. Group them together by person … or chronologically … or in some way that makes sense to you.
  2. Select music with special meaning to you or the person receiving the Photo Montage.
  3. Bring or mail them to Chicago Star Productions. We’ll transform them into a family heirloom by creating a Photo Montage you’ll cherish down through the ages.