Now there's an easy way to get first communions and confirmations videotaped without disrupting the service and distracting the congregation...

Communions and confirmations are sacred moments in a child's life. Needless to say, most parents want to videotape the proceedings. Nevertheless, with dozens of parents trying for position to get the perfect angle to shoot the perfect video, well, you know what happens: then! We can help.

Let parents enjoy the service, leave the video to us.

Chicago Star Productions specializes in videotaping sacred, religious events such as first communions and confirmations. We do it in such a low-key way that you barely know we're there. Parents who want a copy can order directly from our On-Line Shop.

Here are the advantages to you and parents for using Chicago Star Productions...

  • Higher quality. We use professional cameras for every event. Sound, color, and visual clarity are dramatically better than the typical camcorder can produce.
  • Better camera angles. Every child's face is captured because we set up in discreet, unobstructed locations. We edit the event together to create a more interesting, compelling video of the ceremony. Close-ups are woven in so parents can clearly see the expression of their child.
  • No distractions. Now there's no need for anyone to walk in front of the congregation again! Our camera captures it all. In fact, almost all of the churches we work with now ban cameras for these events. In addition, there's not a complaint! Parents can sit back, relax and enjoy this milestone in the life of their child knowing they can get a better video than they could ever take themselves.