Chicago Star Productions, Inc provides professional figure skating videography.

We are the premier videography company for many figure skating shows and competitions. We consistently receive favorable comments from the participants. We pride ourselves on excellent quality video, excellent customer service, and fast same day delivery.  We have an excellent team of individuals who are passionate about providing video services for the sport of figure skating and truly love doing it.

Option 1

Most of our performance videotaping is done ‘on speck’ meaning you do not pay us for production costs. We come out and do the job free! However, we do request a minimum amount of videos purchased. Usually we need a minimum of 20 videos to book your competition.

 Option 2

Another option for financing the video production is to include the price of one video into your ‘signup fee’. This way, every family receives an electronic copy of the of there event FS skate. There is a bit more of work on your part, but you can get 5.00 per skater or whatever you want to add on. If it is a one-day event it is 10.00 per skater and two day it is 15.00 and any more days above that is 20.00 per skater goes to Chicago Star Productions which payment is due at the end of the event. If the event is outside of the Chicagoland area it is automatic $20.00.

We offer Same-Day Competition Thumb Drives and Discs which, like the name implies, are available to take home the same day. Parents & Skaters LOVE this, because it provides the immediate satisfaction of getting your product, and being able to take it home and analyze the performance before the next competition.

Digital Thumb Drives and Discs are specially compressed and formatted to give the best bang for your buck! Great HD resolution with manageable file sizes makes for a product that we can deliver quickly while maintaining high quality. Digital Drives are based on the H.264 Codec, which is widely compatible with devices and software across both PC, Mac, and mobile platforms.

All of Our Figure Skating Videography Productions Include:

  • Professional audio
  • Experienced videographers
  • Same Day Thumb Drives and Disc
  • The whole flight of that event
  • Online ordering after the event

There are many Chicago Videography companies, at Chicago Star Productions  we can even broadcast the event too the judges and other areas within the ice arena location during the time of filming! We work with US Figure Skating Events and also with ISI endorsed shows and exhibitions.