Ice shows are magical. Watching budding artists find their dancing legs is thrilling. What parents isn’t proud to see their child perform in public!

You can preserve the magic of this watershed event in your child’s life through the magic of video. Professional videography, that is. There is a difference. Chicago Star Productions mixes must shows live with 1 to 2 cameras, that what makes us different. We offer HD quality which is brighter pictures … sound that is crisp and clear, not mushy. Well-lit images even when the stage isn’t so well lit.

Option 1

 Most of our ice shows videotaping is done ‘on speck’ meaning you do not pay us for production costs. We come out and do the job free! However, we do request a minimum amount of DVD’s purchased. Usually we need a minimum of 20 DVDs to book your show. Our DVD’s are chaptered so you can go to each part quickly.

 Option 2

Another option for financing the DVD production is to include the price of one DVD into your ‘show fee’ or ‘costume fee’. This way, every family receives a DVD of the performance. There is a bit more of work on your part, but the price per DVD can drop drastically.

"This ice show was even better than I remembered!"

Here's how it happens every time...

Parents sit expectantly at their child's ice show or ice competition. They anxiously wait the moment their child skates onto ice. They nervously finger their camera waiting for the moment, THE PRECISE MOMENT, their child skates their best performance. Then the tall guy in front stands up and blocks their view! All the video picks up is little Sally's right arm and a quick glimpse of the smile they love so much. Well maybe next year.

Let Chicago Star Productions handle the video for better results and fewer distractions...

We specialize in ice shows and ice competitions. With your blessing, we can strategically position two cameramen to capture your program in its entirety without distraction. We digitally edit the finished video together into a professional, compelling production parents will enjoy for a lifetime.

All of your efforts, the choreography, the costumes, come alive in a magical, polished ice show video almost as good as being there. In fact, some say its even better, because the view is better than the one they had sitting behind the tall guy!

You'll love the sound, too. Our microphones eliminate unwanted background noises. Music comes through clearly.